BLR (Board Level Repair)

What is board level repair service?

While Advance Solutions does specialize in laptops and laptop replacement parts, sometimes it is more economical to repair a laptop system board instead of replacing a laptop mother board. Case in point:



An HP DV6910CA mother board cost $329, you would have it delivered in five business days and your tech has to install the mother board. Advance Solutions could repair the defective mother board, repair time is usually 2-3 business days and the cost for repairing is typically $150. Thus saving your client time and money.

What are the different kinds of board level repair?

1. DC Jack repair:

  • When the DC Jack is lose/broken and the ac adaptor isn’t making a solid connection. Advance Solutions replaces the old DC jack with a new jack. Our repair price is $100.
  • Turnaround time 2-3 business days, if we have the DC jack in stock.
  • Warranty 90 days!

2. Standard board level repair:

  • Standard board level repair would be, repairing/soldering the VRM, or the power board etc. The cost for this is $150.
  • Turnaround time is 3-4 business days.
  • Warranty 90 days!

3. VGA chip replacement:

  • Over the past couple of years this has been a popular fault on mother boards. IF you don’t see an image on the LCD panel or external monitor it is usually the VGA chip. In the past we would try to re-seat the chip but the failure rate would be high and the mother board would need to be replaced. Our techs have learned that for this to work you need to upgrade the old VGA chip with a new VGA chip and replace. This is the BEST solution and the repair price is $200, depending on the cost of the VGA chip.
  • Turnaround time is 3-4 business days. However if we DON’T have the chip in stock it will take up to 2 weeks to arrive then 3-4 days for installation and testing.
  • Warranty 90 days!

Why chose Advance Solutions for this service?

  • We have a FAST turnaround on repairs.
  • We have expertly trained and certified technicians.
  • We have a solid 90 day warranty on the work performed.
  • We offer very competitive pricing.
  • We have one of the best yield rates of 90% (excluding laptops with liquid damage).
  • We are one of only a few companies that can replace and update a VGA chip.

So when you are quoting your clients on a replacement mother board, please keep in mind our board level repair service. We have purchased the latest equipment the industry has to offer and we have improved our yield rate from 75% to 90%. This means that 90% of the time we can repair a system board saving you time and money.


Electronic Repair, Rework & Refurbishment

From component-level electronics to complex electromechanical assemblies Advance Solutions offers a complete range of integrated repair services. Our focus is on providing innovative, cost-effective and low-risk solutions to repair problems. Advance Solutions’ specialized repair team can help you to effectively support your existing product base while allowing you to focus on growing your business.

  • POS Repair
  • Print head Repair & Refurbishment
  • Electronic & Printed Circuit Board Repair
  • Depot Repair
  • Pin thru hole (PTH), Surface mount technology (SMT) and BGA rework.
  • Component addition/removal.
  • Pad and trace repair.
  • Wire add’s and delete’s.
  • Technicians trained to IPC 610 and J-Std 001 standards.
  • IPC 610D and J-Std 001 solder instructor onsite.
  • Separate and distinct Rohs/Lead-free and traditional SN/PB solder repair areas.
  • All repair processes are documented and performed to the demanding requirements of our ISO9001 registered quality system.
  • All assemblies are returned in ESD-safe professional packaging, and labeled to your organization’s specifications.
  • Specify and source equivalent, alternate-manufacturer parts.
  • In-circuit, functional and full system testing.


As part of  Advance Solutions’ comprehensive range of repair services, we provide remanufacturing and refurbishment of mechanical and electromechanical assemblies. These services provide cost savings, increased product longevity and provide opportunities for entry into secondary markets.  Advance Solutions  has capabilities and experience in providing a variety of services in this area including:

  • Chemical and mechanical cleaning
  • Painting
  • Upgrade to new engineering specifications
  • CRT/TFT upgrades
  • Sourcing and qualification of replacement parts
  • Complete rebuild
  • Recalibration and testing
  • Custom packaging
  • Manufacture of replacement parts

POS Repair

We specialize in depot and on-site POS repair and maintenance.  Whether you have a critical need calling for on-site service or a maintenance issue through our depot program, we have a solution for your needs.

Our skilled and experienced technicians can troubleshoot and repair most POS failures.  Simple tasks such as software updates to complex tasks like board level component replacement and wire adds are completed with complete confidence by our technicians.

For situations when time is of the essence, our on-site services can be provided by our field technicians to the greater New York Metropolitan Area. Our field technicians can troubleshoot and repair most devices at your facility saving you time and money.

For less critical needs, we offer solutions through our depot program.  You can ship your product for service to our facility and our depot technicians will troubleshoot and repair the product, then repackage and ship back to you.

Electronic & Printed Circuit Board Repair

Advance Solutions’ technicians are experts when it comes to electronic repair.  In addition to replacing components, we can diagnose and make repairs at board level.  All repaired electronics are thoroughly tested, cleaned, and repackaged according to your request.

As a company that supplies a service, manufacturing other people’s designs and products, it is difficult to describe what we offer. We can say what we do and how we do it, but to explain the underlying care and quality that is taken is a challenge. ISO 9001:2000 may provide some confidence that we do our job in an organized way and take a systematic approach, but that is only part of the story.

State Industrial Solutions provides a comprehensive range of complementary services based on many years of experience providing electronic manufacturing services and high levels of re-investment in people and state-of-the art equipment.

Our services encompass many mainstream assembly technologies including Surface Mount Technology (VGA/Micro-VGA, fine pitch and 0201 passives), conventional leaded technology (PTH, THT), box/whole system assembly and peripheral processes such as wire-adds, component preparation, encapsulation, and cable assembly.

Advance Solutions’ policy for constant improvement based on the review of process performance along with our quality commitment to IPC 610 and J-Std 001 ensures a high level of product conformance and reliability.

State Industrial Solutions has been structured in such a way that offers maximum flexibility, resourcefulness, and effectiveness across a wide range of requirements.

PC Board Assembly, Rework, & Repair

  • We specialize in the assembly of single and double sided thru-hole printed circuit boards
  • Our assemblers are proficient and certified to IPC-STD-001C in hand soldering.


Sub Assembly Customer Benefits

  • Allows them to concentrate on core competencies while outsourcing aspects of their manufacturing in which their expertise is limited- without sacrificing quality
  • Provide additional manufacturing capacity at times of peak production
  • Focus on their core competencies
  • Drive shorter time-to-market, deliver materials purchasing strength and manage and implement complex, post production logistics
  • Outsourcing can help medical device manufacturers reduce fixed costs and increase the speed at which they can bring their products to the market.
  • Keep OEMs ahead of the electronics innovation curve

Component Prep

We cut and lead-form both axial and radial leaded components.


From wire harnesses to full chassis wiring, State Industrial Solutions can serve your needs. We have extensive experience in making cables, panels, and chassis wiring.


Successful electronic rework and assembly methods have been developed with lead-free solders for all types of components. Successful manufacturing and electronic rework methods have been developed and are in place separate from our conventional lead processes with lead-free solders including Sn/Ag/Cu or Sn/Ag alloys) including components removal/replacement, jumper wires, trace and pad repairs, and BGAs. The soldering parameters are adjusted to accommodate the higher melting temperature and lower wetability of the lead-free solder.  We have developed practices and processes that deal with the issues related to handling, electronic reworking, tracking, and inspecting lead free PCB assemblies.

Warranty Repair & Post-Warranty Solutions

Advance Solutions has highly qualified and trained technicians who specialize in the repair of complex electronic assemblies. We’re trusted to provide electronics repair services supporting the customers and field operations of some of the most recognized companies in the world.

Below are a few of the reasons why:

  • Repairs are performed in-house to assure you the highest levels of quality, consistency and brand protection.
  • Documented repair processes and performed to the demanding requirements of our ISO 9001 registered quality system.
  • All assemblies are returned in ESD-safe professional packaging, and labeled to your organization’s specifications.
  • No schematic? No  problem. Often our reverse engineering capabilities allow us to develop and qualify repair processes where schematics are unavailable.
  • When assemblies have outlived the availability of their original components. We can specify and source equivalent, alternate-manufacturer parts. This capability is becoming more and more critical as component life cycles shrink.
  • For higher value assemblies, we can develop modifications to extend an assembly’s useful life, delaying or even negating the need for expensive redesigns.