Printer Service

Print Head Repair & Refurbishment

We specialize in the repair and refurbishment of major manufacturers’ (Epson, Brother, HP, etc.) dot matrix print heads. Here are some advantages of using State Industrial Solutions for your print head repair:

Cost Savings

The cost of refurbishing is almost 30% to 40% of the cost of purchasing a new print head, so refurbishing can result in tremendous cost savings. All refurbished heads will give you a print quality which is as good as a new print head. The cost savings can be very high when you have many Dot matrix printers installed at your site and this can help to cut maintenance bills.

Many manufacturers discontinue certain printer models and the print heads are no longer available. Replacing a printer just because the print head is not available is not fiscally responsible. The solution to this problem is print head refurbishing.


The disposal of electronic waste is a concern for all of those who are conscious of the environment. So, why discard these expensive and complicated parts when they can be refurbished as new?


  • If print head  is unknown, we will evaluate it
  • We will box and label per your specific requirements
  • All print heads are stripped down, cleaned and rebuilt
  • All worn parts replaced
  • 100% print wire replacement
  • Repair work carried out by fully trained staff