Shipping Instruction

Packing Instructions

Preparing to ship your business printer to a repair center or another office requires not only a box and packing supplies but also some preparation. If your office printer is a laser model, you don’t have to remove the device’s ink cartridges if it is kept in an upright position. If your printer is an inkjet model, you must remove the ink cartridges no matter how the printer is positioned for shipping.

Please follow the instructions below to help ensure that your equipment is sent to Advance Solutions safely.  (Note: The instructions provided below apply to FedEx/UPS

ground shipping only.)

Step 1: Customer needs to use suitable packing materials

  • Select boxes that are sturdy enough to hold and protect the material that you wish to ship. You are not required to use new boxes, but the boxes you choose must be sturdy and in good condition (no holes, tears, crushed sections, or signs of water damage). If you do not have an appropriate box, a packaging material center in your area should be able to assist you in selecting an appropriate box.
  • Try to have the original box or crush weight must be 3x the weight.
  • For each individual box used, the maximum size is approximately 24” x 24” x 24” and the maximum weight is 150 pounds.
  • Tape all seams on the bottom of the box shut with generous amounts of durable, wide (approximately 2 –inch or greater) packaging tape. If you are using an old box, ensure that it is clean enough to allow the tape to adhere.

 Step 2: Pack your electronic products in the box(es)

  • Place electronic products in the box(es), surrounding them with generous amounts of cushioning material (such as bubble wrap, foam, etc.) on the bottom, top, and sides. –NO PEANUTS OR LOOSE MATERIAL! WE RECOMMEND AT LEAST 4-6 INCHES OF BUBBLE WRAP SURROUNDING THE MACHINE COMPLETELY IF YOU ARE NOT USING THE ORIGINAL BOX.
  • Do not send disassembled, or broken monitors, loose batteries, or separate power cords and cables.
  • Remove all batteries from your product. Do not send batteries. Batteries should be disposed of properly per your local municipal procedures

 Step 3: Seal and label your box(es)

  • Tape each box closed-cover all seams with generous amounts of durable, wide (approximately 2-inch or greater) packaging tape
  • If your product contains glass, an LCD or a bulb, please write “FRAGILE” on each box with a durable marker.
  • Attach the prepaid shipping label to the outside of the box Label your boxes by writing on them or attaching a label that says “Printer Service Center”. You do not need to write either “To or “From” addresses on the boxes.
  • Always include a return shipping label to secure the return of your item.


Step 4: Take the box to a designated drop-off facility.

  • To locate the nearest drop site, you may contact  at 1-800-FedEx-GO (1-800-463-3339) or through UPS 1-800-PICKUPS (1-800-742-5877)
  • Call us at 718 829 7510 for recommended Courier Service in the New York Metropolitan City Area.


Things to know about shipping printers

Inkjet Printers

If you are not shipping the inkjet printer on a pallet in an upright position, power on your printer and open your printer’s front or top cover. Remove each ink cartridge once the ink cartridge carrier moves to the center. Place the cartridges in individual plastic re-sealable bags to catch any ink that may leak from the cartridges. If the ink cartridges are empty or almost empty, consider recycling them instead of packing them with your printer. After removing the cartridges, pack your inkjet printer in a sturdy box with sufficient packing materials.

Laser Printers

If you’re shipping a laser printer, you must remove the device’s ink cartridges, called toner cartridges. Place each cartridge in its own plastic re-sealable bag. You can also place the cartridges in their original toner boxes if you still have the boxes. After removing the cartridges, securely pack your laser printer in a sturdy box with packing materials or a crate and place it in an upright position. Place the printer on a pallet if it is a large model to keep its box from ripping.


Leaving the ink or toner cartridges in your printer results in ink leaking out of the cartridges during transit. Spilled ink is difficult to remove and can cause damage to other components within the printer, including rollers, seals, drum, body parts.

 Shipping Ink

It is OK to pack the sealed ink cartridges within the same box as your printer if desired, or you can send the cartridges separately. Make sure the cartridges are in their own bags so any ink leaking from them doesn’t leak into a cartridge of a different color. Mixing ink results in the wrong colors printing after reinstalling the cartridges.

Click Here= for the service repair form to be included with your product. If necessary, include a copy of “Bill-of-Sale or failed prints for review when possible.