Video Surveillance

DVR and Digital surveillance systems bring security camera products and remote video to a new level. Monitor your store, office, restaurant or warehouse remotely. Supervise employees while away from your business. Watch security camera activities anywhere worldwide. A DVR digital surveillance system offers live remote video monitoring from home, another computer or even from your smartphone and tablet device. Digitally record up to 3 months or longer and retrieve archived DVR video instantly.

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DVR is your digital video recording solution. Videotapes are no longer needed. A single DVR digital security system integrates all the traditional analog cctv equipment into a state-of-the-art surveillance package.

Install a single DVR Card, or consider one of our state of the art “ready to go” DVR Systems. Easy to set up. Just plug in your security cameras and begin recording.


  • H-264 Core DVR Hardware Compression
  • Smart Search™ Technology
  • Cash Register POS System Integration
  • Multi-location DVR Remote Software
  • Advanced DVR Software Package
  • Two-way Voice Communication
  • Multiple Channels Audio Recording
  • Unlimited DVR Remote Users
  • Programmable Video Backup
  • Law Enforcement Watermarking
  • Full Screen Video Playback


  • 64 Channel DVR System Recording
  • Hardware Based Video Compression
  • Bullet Proof Stability & Operations
  • Less Than 5% CPU Usage
  • Sharper Detailed DVR Playback Imagery
  • Remote Internet Video Monitoring
  • Up To 6 Tera Bytes Storage
  • Real-time Live DVR Streaming Video
  • High Resolution 704 X 480 Modes
  • Months Of Video Surveillance Archiving
  • Image Speeds up to 480 FPS
  • Simultaneous DVR Security Camera Viewing
  • Independant Camera Programming
  • Scheduled Recording Modes
  • Access Control Abilities
  • Wireless Handheld PDA Viewing

New Advanced DVR Software delivers state-of-the-art DVR capabilities for military, government, business and law enforcement agencies. 

DVR is an efficient and affordable security camera solution. Whether your business requires DVR card components, or complete digital security camera system, Advance Solutions has the digital answer for your surveillance needs. When is the best time to protect your business? Contact our sales office at 1-718-829-7510 to discuss your personal DVR security needs. We appreciate your interest in our security products.


Anything that can be done on   the server can be done remotely. For installations with multiple servers or distributed installations, all operations can be done via web pages. And because all web pages are standard HTML / Java / JavaScript, there are no complex networking issues when accessing the device across the internet. All that is required for installation is a port (typically 80 or 8080) forwarded on the router to the Series 3 Controller. All images are stored as MP4 movies in a directory based archival system. In this way, standard players (Apple QuickTime Plugin recommended) can be used to review the stored movies. Also these movies can be retrieved across the internet for storage locally or for burning CDs/DVDs.The controller facility is also optimized for network monitoring and remote control. This feature allows users to monitor the state of all sensors, and allows users to make adjustments on the fly based on current conditions.




The system will archive images for 30 days or longer. These images are available for viewing on the server, through a web page remotely, or can be saved on a removable drive for high speed off line viewing. Images can be viewed individually, or in any combination of 1,2,4,9, or 16 cameras. This facilitates analysis of scenes where the subject moves between cameras. The user can immediately move to any day, hour and minute of any camera or group of cameras without delay. Viewing the archived images is facilitated via high speed fast forward and forward/backward control for individual frame analysis. All images are time stamped with the camera number and time. Furthermore, images have sensor information imbedded in them. In this way, the image database can be searched for the occurrence of a selectable sensor input. This frees the user from reviewing images for extended periods of time.



  The server will accommodate 16 cameras at a frame rate of 120 or 240 frames 640X480 NTSC. The system comes with five integral web pages.

  1. A page for viewing the 16 cameras simultaneously along with the ability to view individual cameras at high resolution.
  2. A scanner page for sequencing through the camera images automatically at selected intervals or with operator control.
  3. A player page for accessing and viewing archived mp4 movies.
  4. A directory page for retrieving minutes, hours, or days of movies for local storage.
  5. A page for viewing the status of the control lines



System Design & Installation

ADVANCE SOLUTION provides design, consultation and installation for video and access control for basic systems or systems that require 24 hour recording with thousands of cameras. ADVANCE SOLUTIONS’s project managers are highly trained and hold certifications from a multitude of manufacturers. ADVANCE SOLUTIONS has extensive experience with legacy systems and the newest IP/network solutions including high definition, megapixel video and IP access control.


ADVANCE SOLUTIONS’ installers understand that the quality of our systems are judged on the quality of the installation. We are very proud to promote that many of our projects have become manufacturers’ tour sites based on the quality work provided by ADVANCE SOLUTIONS’ installation experts. ADVANCE SOLUTIONS’ installation teams have been trained and certified and are dedicated to ongoing education






ADVANCE SOLUTIONS is positioned in the industry as a leading provider of security products. Our purchasing power has secured distribution level pricing or better, but it’s our customer service that is the difference maker. ADVANCE SOLUTIONS’ customer support team will treat every order, regardless of size, as the most important order of the day with a “please and thank you”. At ADVANCE SOLUTIONS you can expect:

  • Great customer service!
  • Competitive pricing!
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